Brute to Soup

By Joshua To

Hard to imagine more than a decade has gone by since we started Brute. My how the world, and our team, have changed in these past 11 years.

We started Brute Labs as newly minted college graduates beginning our careers in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. This was a time before smartphones, before self driving cars, and before the rise of social media.

We’re all incredibly proud of the things we’ve done. Together, we’ve raised money, built schools, fought obesity, and drilled wells in Africa. Brute’s work has won design awards from AIGA and Adobe, and our projects have allowed us to partner with the city of San Jose, Google, Nike, Facebook and many more organizations working to make a difference.

Looking to our next 10 years, we are excited to continue leveraging a smart design approach to tackle tough problems. One such issue in our own backyard, affordable housing, has been top of mind lately and we’re excited to share some ideas we’ve been cooking up for grassroots projects and grantmaking in this space. So stay tuned!

We are also excited to continue the evolution of Brute, starting with a new name: Soup.

Equally at home honoring your richest traditions as it is stretching resources to sustain and cheer. Constantly refined, and never the work of a single person, Soup nourishes all, each ingredient enhancing the other.

A staple of every culture, Soup sustains, nourishes, and cheers. Its recipe, never the work of a single person, is constantly refined and reimagined, each new ingredient bringing unique depth to its flavor.

Over the coming months we’ll be simmering on the right ingredients and balance for our own recipe. To those who have supported us, inspired us and generously given their time, energy and resources, we offer our heartfelt thanks! We look forward to celebrating our successes with you over the next decade.

With gratitude, Josh and the Soup family