Designing with Facebook

By Joshua To

Brute has struck up an ongoing partnership with Eastside High School in East Palo Alto, California, that includes programs to inspire student reading, clean up local parks, and also provide design education. Last week Facebook partnered with Brute to organize a workshop for Eastside students to broaden their experience with design.

20 students from Eastside visited Facebook’s campus to participate in workshops on design, art, user experience, research, and writing. Maria Guidice, the founder of acclaimed experience design studio, Hot Studio, even attended to lead a workshop on creative careers, talk with students, and oversee their work.

A group of Facebook designers led a workshop on brainstorming and creative problem solving which culminated in a group design activity. The students collaborated on dorm posters with the theme, “This is our House” intended to inspire pride in their living spaces. The posters had a practical purpose -- reminding students of housekeeping rules -- but are also intended to create a sense of home and community for students.

Alan Calderon, an Eastside sophomore said of the workshop: "Overall it was an amazing experience because you got to see how designers work and learn about their thinking process. I was most interested in how they used words and writing to help develop visual designs."

Besides igniting student interest in design, our work with Eastside has helped build morale and community, and provided an outlet for creativity and intellectual inspiration. If you’re interested in working with us to develop design education programs, drop a line to [email protected].