Tim and Fred’s Trip To Haiti Wraps Up

By Juli Fischer

The day before flying home from Haiti, Fred sent his final thoughts to the BRUTE team.
Friday morning we all went back to Villard to meet with the principle and teachers again. We had asked everyone on Thursday to think about all we had discussed and we wanted to hear their thoughts and questions. We talked for a couple of hours and settled a few details, then said our final goodbyes for this trip. We left Villard and headed back toward our hotel.
On the way back we stopped at the other school we had passed on our way in that was under construction. We looked at how they were going about the construction project and spoke with the architect and project manager. Both were very forthcoming with information. We learned a great deal about how to build in Haiti and some of the difficulties we would likely encounter. They offered to answer any questions we might have in the future and we all exchanged email addresses. Once back at the hotel we each took some private time to reflect and regroup.

Saturday we left early to head back to Port au Prince. Sabastein had a wedding he was photographing that night and we wanted to make a few stops before he dropped us off at our next hotel. One stop was at a building expo where construction companies have built model projects showcasing their work. It was arranged like a small community allowing us to walk from one building to the next inspecting the design and construction. There were alternative as well as standard built structures. It gave Tim and I a lot to think about.

Tomorrow I head back home, Tim stays until Wednesday. Speaking for myself, this trip has been a life changer. I can’t imagine anyone visiting Haiti for the first time and not coming away deeply affected by the experience.


After Tim and Fred have a couple more days to settle back in, we’ll be posting a series of translated letters and photos from the school’s staff and faculty. Stay tuned later this week for a slideshow of photos taken during the trip, too. And as always, you can help by visiting the Haiti School Project website to make a donation.