Sometimes the answer to big problems requires a fresh approach and the willingness to try things in small steps. We believe that we can put a dent in big humanitarian problems by implementing solutions from an unconventional perspective.

That’s what we do at Soup.

We mobilize talented collaborators who use their expertise to break down overwhelming world problems into discrete projects.

Soup’s work has also won design awards from AIGA and Adobe and formed partnerships with organizations such as the city of San Jose, Google, Nike, Facebook, and many more.

Collaborate with us by emailing [email protected]

Work on big problems.

We feel the urgency of big problems like poverty, hunger, homelessness, access to education, and global health. We’re not trying to “save the world” in one fell swoop — instead we believe in the collective impact of small actions executed with creativity and thoughtfulness.

Use good design.

Meaningful impact begins with thoughtful design. We use simple, people-focused design to raise awareness, communicate, and educate.

Inspire and mobilize others.

We want to be a hub to connect designers and other makers with humanitarian projects where they can have an impact.

Work differently.

We believe boldness paves the way for change. Sometimes old problems benefit from a new look. We opt unconventional path over the conventional when it means bigger impact and faster change.

Make an impact.

It's all about delivery. We know we’re delivering because everything we do must be measurable. A thousand maps for the homeless. A hundred-fifty clean water wells in Africa & India. Four hundred kids who are excited about taking care of their health. Accountability keeps us on track.

The team.